Poetry promotion – Silence and Chopin by Dorota Szumilas



Title: Cisza i Chopin / Silence and Chopin
Author: Dorota Szumilas
Printed: Kraków : Ed. By Miniatura, 2012.
Pages: 96 pages
ISBN: 978-83-7606-460-4
Language: Original in Polish by Dorota Szumila. Translated into English by Urszula Sledziewska-Bolinska and Dorota Bogumila-Zegarowska.


(P18 of ‘Silence and Chopin’ by Dorota Szumilas)


is like a huge sphere
lined with paths
winding in the darkness
a sunray falls on my face
bringing a gentle smile
that’s how it was
you can’t deny it
I remember
to build my identity
I forget
to go further without unnecessary words
I’m always between one
and another
in the reality of dilemmas


(P20 of ‘Silence and Chopin’ by Dorota Szumilas)


Don’t let my soul
be torn by sorrow
let moments tied
with sobs
be gone
let heart’s wail
and soul’s howl
into oblivion.


(P24 of ‘Silence and Chopin’ by Dorota Szumilas)


I’ll write to you
about the joy of
“good words”
Among letters
numbers and all kinds of
Something more maybe+
I forgot 100%
Perhaps 1/100 🙂 at recollections
I also cry sometimes
a little
Because I may not see
the good words


(P32 of ‘Silence and Chopin’ by Dorota Szumilas)


So what are you going to tell me?
That leaves have fallen down from
that the wind is blowing
and it’s raining
that it’s cold…
Tell me more!
Tell me that I’m not really sad
And I’ll tell you
that I’m very happy!


(P36 of ‘Silence and Chopin’ by Dorota Szumilas)


despite your efforts and attempts
until eternity
you can always come back
there is always time…
perhaps it’s best not to put it off
so that you don’t have to start
over again…
it needs contemplation
so that you can move on


(P48 of ‘Silence and Chopin’ by Dorota Szumilas)


She still has sunken eyes
In the absence of love
Happiness is in the other side
of her gaze
As a juxtaposition to the unattainable

She sinks into herself
As a sound fading into the vastness of
the forest

That will bounce off trees echoless
This time…

A few tears of helplessness may fall
And then you won’t even find tears
to cry

And the coming darkness
Will sink into itself for good


Information about the author:

Dorota Szumilas is a graduate of the Institute of Information Science and Book Studies at the University of Warsaw and the Pontifical Faculty of Theology in Warsaw. Her poetry books have been translated into German, Ukranian, Belarusian and her poems have also been translated into English, Russian, Slovak and Pashto. She is a member of the Polish Association of Authors and Siwobrowych Poetów Association in Krakow. Her published poems and literary views appear in: Poetry Today, Kwartalnik Kulturalny (ed. by Andrezej Debowski), Radostowa, Hybryda (artistic and literary writings of the Association of Creative Pol-art in Krakow), Podlaski Tygodnik Kulturalny, Prace Pienińskie, Migotania, sZAFa, Znaj and the Dorota Szumilas is one of the authors of the second and third editions of ‘Contemporary writers of Poland’. She gave speeches at both the Slavic Poetry Festival and World Poetry Day in Warsaw.

Dorota Szumilas’ website is at:

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