Dorota Szumilas – 2 poems 


Poem by Dorota Szumilas

(translated by Dorota B.  Zegarowska) 


Traveling awoke an unspeakable longing

penetrating painfully

Regardless of the aim intensified fear, insecurity,


Traveling without someone close was like

closing your eyelids when wind blows harder into your eyes. 

Do not weep

God loves you

the animal that you have taken in loves you

A book is your Friend

They will protect you

against negligence. 





Poem by Dorota Szumilas

(translated by Dorota B.  Zegarowska)  


A poet of sadness

or a poet of bliss


one of loneliness

and of quiet 


hidden in it.





Dorota Jolanta Szumilas is a graduate of the Institute of Information Science and Book Studies at the University of Warsaw and the Pontifical Faculty of Theology in Warsaw. Her poetry books have been translated into German, Ukranian, Belarusian and her poems have also been translated into English, Russian, Slovak and Pashto. She is a member of the Polish Association of Authors and Siwobrowych Poetów Association in Krakow, Polish Association of Authors, Polish Haiku Association.  Her published poems and literary views appear in: Poezja Dzisiaj (Poetry Today ed. by Barbara i Aleksander Nawroccy), Kwartalnik Kulturalny (ed. by Andrzej Debowski), Radostowa, Hybryda (artistic and literary writings of the Association of Creative Pol-art in Krakow), Podlaski Tygodnik Kulturalny, Prace Pienińskie, Migotania, sZAFa, Znaj and the Dorota Szumilas is one of the authors of the second ed. of ‘Contemporary writers of Poland’. She gave speeches at both the Slavic Poetry Festival and World Poetry Day in Warsaw.  

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