Fiction promotion – Six Degrees by Rae Stoltenkamp

Title: Six Degrees

Genre: Fiction/ General fiction

Author: Rae Stoltenkamp

Length: 50 pages

Publisher: RaedeneWrites

Publication date: 14 August 2020

Link to buy:

Extract from Six Degrees (page 31 of 50)

In Breath

I’m dying.  Arthur doesn’t like me being so blunt. I don’t see the point in prevaricating.  We’ve known for a year and a half. 

But Arthur is constantly in search of that next miracle cure.  If ever I doubted my husband’s love for me, I’ll never do so again.

“I was talking to Franklin and he says there’s a new type of cancer treatment he thinks would be good for you.”  This just after cupping my face to kiss me hello.  I relish all the new found physical affection from him.

“Arthur, why are we fighting this?”

He ignores my question, keeps going.  “I’m not talking about medication Rowena.  A nurse will come to the house to make sure you have everything you need, keep you comfortable.”

“Arthur, a stranger, seeing me like this?  I can’t do it.”

Robert got in from school two days later and found me cleaning up the couch.  I changed my mind.  I hated that I’d not been able to make it to the bathroom in time.  I hated the shame of it.  But most of all I hated the shut-down look on Robert face.

I agreed to meet the nurse from the Macmillan project.

I’ve been going along with most of Arthur’s mad schemes because a part of me is fighting the inevitable and I don’t want to leave my beautiful boy.  Every day he shows me sides of himself which ease the pain filled hours.

But I fear for him, wonder if he’ll be strong enough to deal with more death.  He’s already met the shadow too many times.



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