Jim Meirose – Flash fiction

Ricardo! Odracir! Ricardo!                                                       

It’s imperative we gain understanding of Beano and Knot, the leader says.

Very hard, though. Where’s their sense?

What? Not our question. No—but wait!


They’re speaking again. Take it down.


Pen up ready, go; listen. Scribe.

Ricardo! Odracir!

Beano: That’s okay; what moves? Visit?

Knot: In his suburban home paid for excellently extraordinary elite top position Dell’s shoe store salesman.

Beano: Oh, thanks.

Knot: I may have another.

Beano: Blur dead.

Ricardo! Odracir! Ricardo!

Knot: Out neverending transparencies gas, told air whirlin’ n’ seething ‘round him—which, though necessary—impeded.

Beano: Eating alone on second while before reporting after old life.

Knot: Earned it. 

Beano: It’s can’t not ever be late, either.

Knot: But when selling shoes of course, feet.

Ricardo! Odracir! Ricardo! Odracir!

Beano: Stand staring, all’s empty.

Knot: Typically often any bother; something’s still bothering you, he had heard from today.

Beano: Surprisingly, flesh-bloody inspirational Chaplain Ameri-gahh, reared slick shine porcelain inspirationally over-scaled model.

Knot: We.

Ricardo! Odracir! Ricardo! Odracir! Ricardo!

Beano: Meaning-meant tell day, she took charge conversation, because news was much more shattering.

Knot: So once year and one half  f’ back at official meeting’s time go.

Beano: Come?

Knot: Two being gone, popped down her muffins every does, remembered.

Beano: Very good.

Ricardo! Odracir! Ricardo! Odracir! Ricardo! Odracir!

Knot: Cozy l’lone quiet l’lone.

Beano: Work seemed like other, suddenly; wait—away someplace thought.

Knot: Sirs.

Beano: This’s always true single moment ‘n addition to smell dirty storeroom.

Knot: Are kind.

Ricardo! Odracir! Ricardo! Odracir! Ricardo! Odracir! Ricardo!

Beano: Stop, no. Just get there.

Knot: Bye.

Beano: Thus ‘cause way, pop my tuna’s broke conscientiousness.

Knot: Slight grin.

Beano: Slow first, thank God rest is free.

Ricardo! Odracir! Ricardo! Odracir! Ricardo! Odracir! Ricardo! Odracir!

Knot: The with man.

Beano: Again thinking do, standing across sales counter, talking.

Knot: Hello, welcome.

Beano: Take walk mirror see how look suits us, dear.



Pen down all done, stop; done. Stop scribe.

Get everything?


Send it off to the analyticals. Then wait again.


Earth shattering, eh?

Yes. Earth shattering.

Ricardo! Odracir! Ricardo! Odracir! Ricardo! Odracir! Ricardo! Odracir! Ricardo!

Jim Meirose’s work has appeared in numerous venues. His novels include “Sunday Dinner with Father Dwyer”(Optional Books), “Understanding Franklin Thompson”(JEF), “Le Overgivers au Club de la Résurrection”(Mannequin Haus), and “No and Maybe – Maybe and No”(Pski’s Porch). New work “Audio Bookies” is forthcoming from J.New Books. @jwmeirose

By Heavenly Flower Publishing

Bindweed Magazine publishes two anthologies each year: Midsummer Madness and Winter Wonderland. Bindweed is run as a not for profit, labour of love endeavour by an author/poet couple: Leilanie Stewart and Joseph Robert. Bindweed can be found at

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