Wade Fox – 2 poems



An old woman and an old man, battered

by the years, had slept together for a lifetime,

through dark nights of dreams. One night,

when tired and dry, the woman groaned, rolled

from bed and shuffled to the kitchen, her hands before

her in the dark, turned on the tap, drank

some water from a tumbler, placed the glass in the sink

and died, falling to the floor, never returning

to bed. In the morning, the man awoke to find

her side of the bed empty, the blankets folded

back. He called to his wife without reply.

Staggering from bed, he donned his robe and slippers.

In the middle of the bedroom, he paused, listened for the bustle

of breakfast preparation and heard nothing.

Remembering his hearing aids, he chuckled to himself.

In the bathroom, he peed and farted, washed

his hands, and poked his hearing aids into

his ears with stubby fingers. He lumbered down

the hall to the kitchen, where he found his wife,

partner of a lifetime, crumpled on the floor

like a pale moth. He said her name,

as though he might summon her to rise,

and then dropped into a chair beside her

and said nothing. I am alone, he thought

in the moment before he felt her presence. He gasped,

seeing her familiar form before him

even as he watched her empty shell on the floor.

Her smell surrounded him, the vibration filled

the room. “How could you leave me alone?”

he thought. “How could you go?”

“I have been with you for a lifetime,

but I have never known your mind,”

said her voice, like faraway static.

“I see you now,” she said. “All

the things you never disclosed. How

lonely I always was and how empty you

were.” The man sat quietly and said

nothing, for there was nothing left to hide.


Fishing in the Dark


Sitting on a shore

a still lake

early morning

the sun not yet risen


stars are still

in the sky

shining on

the placid water


huddled in

my jacket I’m

shivering in

the damp cold


beneath the smooth

surface the fish

glide darkly


weeds wave

worms dig

in the sand


a mysterious world


I watch the glassy

two-dimensional plane


where I cast

my line

with a splash

that shatters

the universe


concentric circles

ripple outward


the baited hook


from dark  

into dark


I am alone


with only

my thoughts


will I feel


the tug

on the end

of the line.


Wade Fox lives in Denver and teaches writing at the Community College of Denver. He is the founder of New Feathers Anthology, an online and print literary and art journal. A writer of poetry, fiction, and nonfiction,he has published poems in Autumn Sky Poetry Daily, Cabildo Quarterly, Datura Journal, Occam’s Razor, Littoral, and R.K.V.R.Y, and short stories in Occam’s Razor, The Corner Club, and Minimus. He has also written book reviews and cowrote a chapter in the book Blues: Philosophy for Everyone. As an editor, he has edited many authors, including, notably, George Harrison, JK Rowling, Vladimir Putin and Kamala Harris.   

By Heavenly Flower Publishing

Bindweed Magazine publishes two anthologies each year: Midsummer Madness and Winter Wonderland. Bindweed is run as a not for profit, labour of love endeavour by an author/poet couple: Leilanie Stewart and Joseph Robert. Bindweed can be found at

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