Book shout: new novelette by Evan Hay

Congratulations to Bindweed contributor, Evan Hay, on the publication of his novelette, Assemblage, within the fiction collection, Elastic Waxes in Unbounded Media. Evan has contributed fiction to Bindweed and was published in Issue 11 in 2021. We wish you all the best with your new publication, Evan!


E.F. Hay – Fiction

Mr. Boris   It’s no mean feat, borderline miraculous, successfully discerning misleading characteristics from non-stop fake news, pumped 24/7 from schneid media outlets, 99% of which are owned & orchestrated by the 1% (on top of fulfilling commitments to loved ones, employers, or multiple legal obligations to antagonists persistently compromising social liberties). Striving to remain strong, stable, […]


Bindweed Online Back Issues 9-12

Bindweed Online Issue 12 (2022) January to March 2022: Announcement – Welcome to Bindweed Online 2022 Poetry – Cordelia Hanemann Poetry – Christopher Barnes Poetry – Gerard Sarnat Poetry – Mark J. Mitchell Poetry – Joshua Martin Poetry – Charlotte Cosgrove Poetry – John Grey Poetry – Tom Barlow Poetry – Amber Beck Poetry – CTD Robinson Bindweed Online Issue 11 (2021) January 2021: Announcement – Welcome […]

Book Shouts: publications by past contributors

If you are a past contributor to Bindweed Magazine or any of our anthologies, and you have a new or forthcoming book, feel free to avail of our free promotion on the Bindweed homepage. Send us the following info for a book shout: Email to BOOK SHOUT ARCHIVE: Books by Bindweed editors Poetry and […]