Adelaide S. More – 2 poems

Resignations of my location


Aitu circles my apartment

in the form of a pelagi‘s father

walking, smoking at the edge of jungle.


Dark rain pops

as drops find shallow puddles

in pocked earth around my roof.



Feigning sleep.

The cigarette smoke hangs just on the other side of my curtains.

A phantom of it slinks in, saturating the room.

I resign myself to breathe.


A snap, and a banana leaf, crashes onto the roof.

I resign myself to breathe.




Rhetorical questions


What is it to sit with the tide?

The surf is not—is never a murmur.

It is a solid, constant statement, repeated and varied.


Perhaps sitting with the tide is a chance to know myself?

To understand fear—the wisdom in it.

To gain perspective. Realize my potential for change.


maybe it’s just escape


Why do I squirm inside, walking the rocks?

Is it the memory of the dog pack nearly setting on me last weekend?

Is it the spider-like quality of the crabs scuttling into cracks?

Is it the slimy shine of the things that cling to moist rocks with front legs, then flip and snake into the brine of tidal pools with their sleek hind tails?

Or is it only the fear of the surf?

The reality of the tide’s power?

The unforgiving consequences of a rocky shore?



Adelaide lives in the Midwest with a golden lab named Sam and spends time teaching English as a Second Language to more recent arrivers at an adult learning center.

Adelaide’s poetry and fiction have appeared in electronic publications including New MysticsThe Enchanting VersesTruck, and Westview Journal.

Sometimes Sam does consider getting on a plane.

You can reach A.S. More at