Summer delays

Our publication schedule may be a little off track this summer as our long awaited Bindweed baby has joined us at last. Please keep reading the magazine online, or buy a print copy to support our publication on Lulu or Amazon in the meantime. We’ll do our best to keep to the publication schedule as best we can.


Leilanie and Joseph

Bindweed Editors


Announcement – a Bindweed baby on the way!

This summer, Bindweed Magazine’s publishing schedule may be delayed as Editor-in-Chief, Leilanie Stewart and Editor’s Sahayak, Joseph Robert will be welcoming the bloom of a new Bindweed baby into the literary family. Nevertheless, we will endeavour to keep the vines of our family-run magazine flowering and balance parenthood with publishing! Delays may begin from July 1st onwards: we appreciate your patience in advance and wish to reassure you that Bindweed Magazine will continue to bloom ever forth on the convolvulus arvensis garden of life!

Leilanie Stewart and Joseph Robert 🍃