Bindweed Magazine is now listed on Duotrope

20180324_165050This month, Bindweed Magazine is delighted to have received a market listing on Duotrope. You can check out the listing here.

Duotrope is an award-winning resource for writers of fiction, poetry, nonfiction, and visual art. Here at Bindweed, we’re thrilled to be spreading our roots ever further, with Duotrope’s listing joining previous promotions at The Short List and the Southbank Poetry Library.


Bindweed Magazine Issue 7 anthology now available

The latest issue of Bindweed Magazine is now available as a print anthology and downloadable PDF Ebook. What better way to spend a snowy March day in the UK and Ireland (or hopefully warmer elsewhere worldwide, free from the clash of ‘The Beast from the East’ and ‘Storm Emma’) than with a good read of poetry and fiction from our past contributors?

Bindweed Magazine Issue 7 : Lady-jump-out-of-bed  


Bindweed Magazine Issue 7 – Lady-jump-out-of-bed is now available:

Paperback from Amazon UK

Paperback from

Paperback from Lulu Publishing

Download the PDF Ebook 


And our back issues of Bindweed…


Bindweed Magazine Issue 6 : Robin-run-the-Hedge

Lulu publishing

Bindweed Magazine Issue 5 : Wild Lily


Bindweed Magazine Issue 4 : Waywind 


Bindweed Magazine Issue 3 : Creeping Jenny



Bindweed Magazine Issue 2 : Bellbine

Bindweed Magazine Issue 2.jpg


Bindweed Magazine Issue 1 : Morning Glory 

Bindweed Magazine Issue 1.jpg




Welcome to Bindweed Magazine Issue 8: Laplove


Spring is on the horizon! Here at Bindweed, our lateral roots have survived the shortest days and (hopefully) coldest nights. Of course, that’s for us folks in the Northern Hemisphere: our fellow Bindweed contributors and readers in Southern climates may well be enjoying a good bloom in the sunshine as I write this.

Issue 8 will run its publication schedule across February, March and April 2018. To reflect the change of seasons ahead, this issue is called ‘Laplove’, another common nickname for convolvulus arvensis. With that in mind, here at Bindweed, we’re hoping that Groundhog Day will pass without a shadow, we wish everyone a Happy Valentine’s Day and look forward to spring just around the corner.


Leilanie and Joseph🍃


Welcome to Bindweed Magazine Issue 7: Lady-jump-out-of-bed

​Editor’s Note 

Welcome to Issue 7 of Bindweed Magazine!


This issue of Bindweed sees in the new year: publications will run through November and December 2017 and January 2018. Goodbye old, hello new! The change in schedule from October to December 2017 has been due to fellow Bindweed Editor, Joseph Robert and I, introducing a new member to the Bindweed family: a baby boy born in August. Soon after, we had a house move in October 2017. Bindweed was temporarily pruned back on the hedge as other life pursuits took over.

Now all is back on track – whew! Issue 7 is given another common Bindweed nickname: Lady-jump-out-of-bed. The origin of this one is unclear to me. At least, I haven’t managed to source the etymology from digging around. But then, like Convolvulus Arvensis itself, it tends to spring up seemingly out of nowhere and take over. Tenacious little creeper, indeed. Hopefully 2018 will be just as proliferous for our magazine too.


Leilanie Stewart 🍃


Summer delays

Our publication schedule may be a little off track this summer as our long awaited Bindweed baby has joined us at last. Please keep reading the magazine online, or buy a print copy to support our publication on Lulu or Amazon in the meantime. We’ll do our best to keep to the publication schedule as best we can.


Leilanie and Joseph

Bindweed Editors