Dani Salvadori – 1 poem

Comfort and joy



The lanyard marks us out,

or perhaps it is our badge,

as one whose days are filled with tales

of plots and skirmishes foiled and won.


Ranks of black screens greet us daily,

rein us tight into the network,

groan as emails uncoil and catapult

new fables into the morning meeting,

the battle for our colleagues’ souls.


We hold back fears, and maybe tears,

to win with a sentence, a word in code.

Who keeps the count is never clear

but the triumph is as breath

we breathed together, not alone.




Monitors blink black to bright,

fly from their bases, waltz us, whirl us.

Emails weave webs of stories;

gossamer tales that catch us

as we swirl, twirl.


Hurled from the comfort of the fight

we dance, we spin, we hunt for joy.

Our lanyards turn to ribbons,

twist and braid to plait around

lost maypoles of our dreams.


It all unwinds and there’s

no longer we, but only me,

and breath is mine





Danielle Salvadori is a poet, photographer and video-maker based in London. Her work has been published by Light Journal, Hedgehog Poetry Press and the website Please See Me. She spends too much time working and too little time writing poetry and is trying to combine the two into a series of poems about work.