Book Shout: After the Lynching by Don Narkevic

Congratulations to Bindweed contributor, Don Narkevic, on the publication of his poetry collection, After the Lynching, by Main Street Rag.

Don has contributed poetry to Bindweed and has been published in Issue 11.

We wish you all the best with your latest book, Don!


Don Narkevic – 2 poems

Thorny Fence 

circa 1916 

installation piece 

wood, wire, soldier 


Inexorably pinned down, 

the body touches 

neither earth nor sky, 

floats like a Chagall 

belly down 

on wire on wood X-X. 

Unable to charge, booted feet 

dangle as wind whispers 

through the thorny fence. 


The eyes seek 

a hand to harvest 

photographs and letters 

from mum and daddy, 

a hand to lower the remains 

into a grave 

before rats go for the eyes 

and burrow in. 


No one approaches 

for fear of machine gun fire, 

and each night star shells burst 

above the slowly bloating body. 

No one remembers 

his name, sleep coming to most 

on another day. 


Suicide Letter Composition 101 


Make a good impression 

by employing creative words 

like melancholy, agony, 

and desolation. 


Use metaphors like Garden  

of Gethsemane, a place 

where your pals failed 

you, all asleep at the wheel. 


But refrain from naming names. 

Nobody likes a crybaby; 

just refer to spilled milk, 

trite, but still a metaphor.  


Survivors prefer a handwritten  

note, the smell of decaying ink, 

the tactile indentations of words 

on the back like Braille 


never to be understood 

or explained. Always 

leave them wanting 

a little more. 


Don Narkevic: Buckhannon, WV. MFA National University. Recent work appears in Street CakeNeologism Poetry Journal, and Solum Literary Press.