Book shout: The White Field by Douglas Cole

pastedImagebase640Congratulations to Bindweed contributor Douglas Cole on the forthcoming publication of his novel, The White Field. Douglas’ poetry was published in the Devil’s Guts 2018 Bindweed Anthology. His forthcoming novel will be published in September 2020.

We wish you much success with your new book, Douglas!



Douglas Cole – 1 poem

Penrose Staircase



How can you be here and somewhere else

at the same time? How is a particle a wave?

I work the timber into place, shoulder it against the porch.

I’ve thought through every move, and for two days

I measured and cut, measured and cut,

and still it comes out different that I imagined.


No design is exact, though I believe in the math of it.

But the more I go in the human world

the farther off the angles seem,

and though mathematically impossible,

two parallel lines do in fact meet

at the door of the house of my dreams.






Douglas Cole has published four collections of poetry and a novella. His work has appeared in anthologies and in The Chicago Quarterly Review, The Galway Review, Chiron, The Pinyon Review, Confrontation, Two Thirds North, Red Rock Review, and Slipstream.He has been nominated twice for a Pushcart and Best of the Net, and has received the Leslie Hunt Memorial Prize in Poetry and the Best of Poetry Award from Clapboard House. His website is