Announcement: Editor’s Pick prize winners

After a busy first week celebrating the launch of our second biannual publication, Winter Wonderland 2022: Bindweed Anthology, we have now chosen winners from among the sixty-two contributors. As the standard of writing was so high, and in order to give all contributors a fair chance, we selected names from two random draws; one name for fiction and two names for poetry (pulled out of the bag by the Oak King’s little elf helper). Here are the winners:

Congratulations to the winners, who will each receive an Amazon e-gift card sent by email!

Thank you to everyone who has purchased our anthologies. Money received from sales of our back catalogue is used to fund our Editor’s Pick prizes and to pay for our Bindweed website, so that we can continue publishing more fantastic writers and poets in 2023 and beyond.


Bindweed News: our site has upgraded!

Good news, readers!

After 6 years of running Bindweed as a free WordPress site, we’ve finally upgraded our website to our own domain as follows:

Why did we upgrade the site?

We’ve always wanted to have our own website domain, but as a not-for-profit labour of love magazine, we didn’t have the funds. However, our latest anthology, Midsummer Madness 2022 has sold enough copies that we have been able to pay for Bindweed’s new domain.

What other changes to Bindweed are there?

Money from our back issues will also fund the free prizes we are now offering to our contributors. These are biannual ‘Editor’s pick’prizes for best fiction and best poetry in each of our Midsummer Madness and Winter Wonderland anthologies.

Hopefully with the new look of our website, all of the poetry and fiction in our archives will look better too without any advertisements appearing at the bottom of each piece. We hope it makes for a better reading experience for all of our readers and writers at Bindweed.