Ingrid Bruck – 1 poem

Super Wolf Moon 



The wolf moon leaps
at the throat of night. 
She growls 
at the setting sun 
in passing,
refuses the company of planets,
dims nearby constellations.


Her snarls and yelps
spurt light 
across the perigee to earth,
her sky-shine glows 
radiant on snow.



On New Years Eve and Day,
this blazing super moon
competes with fireworks,  
candescent lights,
the ferocity of cold. 


The solitary super moon howls 
on an empty stage, 
awash in the afterglow 
of solstice.



May it augur well 
for our infant year. 



Ingrid Bruck lives in Pennsylvania Amish country in the USA, a landscape that inhabits her writing. A retired library director, she writes short form poetry. Current work appears in Unbroken Journal, The Song Is, W.I.S.H., Eunoia, Nature Writing, and Entropy. Poetry site: