Jayanta Bhaumik – 1 poem

In a good house

It is a house better than my kind
on its wall a calendar
maybe only stonewalling now

near its doorstep a taxi
quite weird a moony vehicle
driving to where you
always pose an absentee

meanwhile, there was a curtain
made up of addiction
tattooed in fishes and dreams
then across the maze a road turning over
around lands that have amorphous mothers
whose cute kids are made
only of waxes and silvery furs

but if the road lastly reaches,
it drowns to the dot of the deep
in the last
of the world

it is a free house, freer than mind.





Jayanta Bhaumik is from Kolkata, India, basically from the field of Metaphysics (a Research Member of American Federation of Astrologers Inc.). He spends a period in Singapore and other south-east Asian countries every year for his professional assignments. His works can be found in the recent or upcoming isues of Poetry Superhighway, Zombie Logic Review, Merak Magazine, Pangolin Review, Pif Magazine, Better Than Starbucks, PPP Ezine, Vita Brevis Journal, Poppy Road Review, Mad Swirl, Cajun Mutt Poetry Journal, Academy of the Heart and Mind, Everything in Aspic, Scarlet Leaf Review.