Book shout: poetry collections by Bindweed contributor, Kenneth Pobo

Congratulations to Bindweed contributor, Kenneth Pobo, on the publication of his poetry collections, Lilac and Sawdust from Meadowlark Books and Sore Points from Finishing Line Press.

Kenneth has contributed poetry to Bindweed and was published in the Devil’s Guts anthology 2018 and Issue 9 in 2019.

We wish you all the best with your books, Kenneth!


Kenneth Pobo – 1 poem



Ask him his favorite color.

He says blue.  I’m his best friend—

I know better.  He says a blue sky

is like a busted vein, prefers yellow

but keeps that a secret.  A man


of many secrets.  Raylene found out

about Juanita the waitress.

He said she was just helping him

with his popcorn popper.  She could

fix anything.  Raylene shrugs off his lies.

When he says, “Ray, I love you” she knows

he means himself.  She calls him

a snowball melting on a window sill.

The sun burns away all his lies,


leaves nothing.  Skip had a fight

with truth.  It happened in first grade.

He told the truth, that he had stolen

a dime from his teacher Mrs. Wright.

Expelled, his dad gave him a “whippin’.”


He walked away from truth.

It wasn’t reliable.  Coke—

until the fizz falls away and only

a flat sweetness remains.






Kenneth Pobo


Kenneth Pobo – 1 poem



about Raylene, making her out

to be vain, petty, and lazy.


I’m his best friend, Zell, or

At least he still has me

To hang with.  When I got married,

he didn’t like that I had

hitched a guy, said I’d be sorry.

I’d see—marriage

was like Home Depot.  All

these things that you think

you want but get them home

and they break.  When Raylene


got pneumonia and almost died, Skip

looked like someone walking

on hot coals… If she dies… if she dies…

he said again and again.  She

pulled through.  Happy until

complaints piled up

like uncollected mail.  Jokes

at her expense repeated,


a record

with a terrible skip.






Kenneth Pobo had a book of poems out last year from Circling Rivers called Loplop in a Red City.  Forthcoming is a book of his prose poems from Clare Songbirds Press called The Antlantis Hit Parade.  His Twitter is @KenPobo.