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Bindweed Issue 8 is now available in print

Despite personal setbacks in 2018, Joseph Robert and I have managed to get Bindweed Magazine Issue 8 into print almost a year after the online publication schedule finished in April last year.


It’s finally here. Hurray!
The past year has been a whirlwind of going back to the dayjob after maternity leave, coping with a sick baby, moving house (again!) and a family bereavement on top of all that. The setbacks delayed our publication schedule, but true to the nature of the convolvulus weed itself, Bindweed Magazine has managed to bounce back from the brink…essentially I have kept our little zine going through tough times. So thanks for bearing with me and here we go:


Print copy via Lulu Publishing


There’s a 20% discount with the code TWENTY19 (case sensitive) before February 7th, I believe.


Hope you enjoy it!


Leilanie Stewart πŸƒ

Maria DePaul – 2 poems

Easy Shot


My closet is not that deep.

It’s only made of glass.


You can see my heart on the shelf,

Beating unprotected.


The glass is not bullet proof.

It’s easily pierced upon setting crosshairs.


I’ve tried many reinforcements,

But snipers hit it again.


The heart stops briefly, gets bored, then

Beats through its many injuries.


The snipers laugh from their blind,

High fiving each other.


They have postponed the circular firing squad

For one more day.


The squad is forming, but I don’t get

Invited because I am just practice.


Just as well since I have lousy aim.

My heart just isn’t in the battle.




Our Place and Theirs


Time and space

Are just words,

Meaningless precepts in

Our attempts to explain

Forces and dimensions

Across the multiverse

When we are just trying

To learn our place in it.


The truth is that we are

Travelers in time and space

Moving about at every

Moment in our lives

To the next moment

And the next place

Until it finally ends,

And we all fall part

In death and decay.


But maybe there’s a hope

That as our sun supernovas,

Scattering our atoms across

The universe, that

Our tears and our sweat

Will assemble again

To form the tears and

The sweat of other beings

Born of other stars.


Though they may

Never know on

Any conscious level

What happened to

Make us cry and perspire,

Even though they

May never have

The chance to learn

From our mistakes,

Hopefully somehow

They may take comfort,

Managing to benefit.


Maybe somehow

Our tears and sweat,

By becoming theirs,

Will help them find

Their space as they spend

Their time in the multiverse.




Maria DePaul is a writer based in Washington, DC, whose work has been featured in many publications, most recently 50 Haikus, Poetry Quarterly, Three Line Poetry and “Nine Lives: a Life in 10 Minutes Anthology.”