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Welcome to Bindweed Magazine Issue 11

Happy New Year!

Bindweed Online 2021 is now launched! Since we (here in Northern Ireland/ the U.K.) are starting 2021 in another lockdown, there’s no better time than now to hunker down with some great poetry and fiction that you can enjoy anywhere in the world, whether you are in lockdown or not. New writing will be published every few days throughout the year, appearing on the Bindweed Magazine homepage and archived on the Issue 11 page. Submission Guidelines can be found there too for any writers and poets wishing to submit work. We read all year round and accept all genres and themes.

May 2021 bring health and happiness for us all!

Leilanie and Joseph 🍃


Welcome to Bindweed Anthology 2018: Devil’s Guts

What a busy month it has been! Bindweed Magazine celebrated its second birthday at the beginning of April, and Issue 8 finished its last publication at the end of April.

To celebrate these milestones, Bindweed Anthology 2018: Devil’s Guts is launched. What does this mean for the publication schedule? From May until November 2018, poetry and fiction will be published on the Bindweed homepage and in December, a print anthology of all work appearing online will be published.

What’s in the future for Bindweed? 

Here at Bindweed, we feel that 8 issues has been a great accomplishment, especially for a labour-of-love endeavour that has kept going despite the editors (Leilanie Stewart and Joseph Robert) having moved from London, England to Belfast, Northern Ireland, had a change of day jobs, contended with a broken bone, had a baby and moved house – twice! We ran our magazine with no Arts Council funding, or any other financial support at all. It’s all, purely, for the love of literature. We’re proudly independent and have no need for any government money – now, or ever!

The 2018 anthology will offer the same platform to writers and same format for readers, but on a yearly rather than quarterly schedule. We hope that you enjoy reading it as much as we have enjoyed publishing it.

Leilanie and Joseph


Welcome to Bindweed Magazine Issue 7: Lady-jump-out-of-bed

​Editor’s Note 

Welcome to Issue 7 of Bindweed Magazine!


This issue of Bindweed sees in the new year: publications will run through November and December 2017 and January 2018. Goodbye old, hello new! The change in schedule from October to December 2017 has been due to fellow Bindweed Editor, Joseph Robert and I, introducing a new member to the Bindweed family: a baby boy born in August. Soon after, we had a house move in October 2017. Bindweed was temporarily pruned back on the hedge as other life pursuits took over.

Now all is back on track – whew! Issue 7 is given another common Bindweed nickname: Lady-jump-out-of-bed. The origin of this one is unclear to me. At least, I haven’t managed to source the etymology from digging around. But then, like Convolvulus Arvensis itself, it tends to spring up seemingly out of nowhere and take over. Tenacious little creeper, indeed. Hopefully 2018 will be just as proliferous for our magazine too.


Leilanie Stewart 🍃