Rachel Cunniffe – 1 poem

Not the poets’ manual



Take a word

use it the way a nurse uses terms of endearment

sweetheart, darling

serve it with tea described only by the adjective nice.


Take a word

use it the way a student uses like

for example I was like `yeah right’

and punctuate it with whatever.


Take a word

use it in the way a social worker uses appropriate

make sure the phrase the real issue here

follows within two sentences.


Take a word

see how many others exist inside one original

use a spell check peach is not contained in speech

remember always, repetition is very vulgar.






Rachel Cunniffe is based in the North East of  England and has  written a  wide range of  poetry  since being a teenager, has an MA in Writing Studies gained in 1995 from Edgehill University College. Real jobs stifled her creativity for 16 years  and she has  recently  been able to partially retire and spend more time writing again. She has been a member  of several creative  writing groups  one of which  has  been in existence since 1991. She read regularly at the now sadly no more Callender Poetry Festival in September during that time for about 9 years.

She lives with a large black dog and two cats.