Robbie Masso – 2 poems



Don’t think I don’t care about you, darling,

I’ll just always be married to death.

I can’t imagine a greater feeling or thrill

than attending your own funeral.

I long for that eeriness more than love. 






“Show me the city.” I said to her.

She smiled and grabbed my hand.

“I’m ready to be spontaneous.”

“I’m the one to be spontaneous with.” she winked.  



I bought a ukulele, just for the hell of it,

at an old Spanish music store.

What would I do if the strings broke?

I didn’t care.  



I didn’t want to fly back home with it.

I also didn’t want to leave it for her.

She already had one.

I’ll guess I’ll have to live here  



because of the ukulele – not her. 




Robbie Masso is a twenty-year old poet and artist from New Jersey. He has work published on ( and has further work on his social media (Facebook: Poetry by Robbie Masso, Instagram: @robbiemasso).