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Bindweed’s Winter Wonderland 2022 included in The Journal’s ‘Round Up’

Bindweed’s recently published Winter Wonderland 2022 anthology has received a write-up in The Journal, edited and published by Sam Smith.

Three of Sam’s poems appear in Winter Wonderland 2022 and he kindly shared his thoughts on the anthology in the ‘Round Up’ section on page 35 towards the back of The Journal. Jeanne Julian, Helga Kidder, Kathy Craig and Pui Ying’s poetry particularly stood out for a mention, as did the short stories.

Like Bindweed, The Journal is open for submissions all year round, so you can check out the submissions guidelines via the links included.

Thanks to Sam and The Journal for giving Winter Wonderland 2022 a review and for a copy of the publication, which we look forward to reading in more depth over a coffee!


Sam Smith – 1 poem

Attitude, Accomodation & Attachment


Convergent lens

Flagon-stored rainbow bubbles, rainclouds and a land lit yellow by a low sun: consider how quickly the present can transmute into myth, get quoted at us as history, used as justification.

Divergent lens

Yesterday’s preoccupations as mildly comical as dated hairstyles, a pleasant emptiness scattered with air-floating seeds.


Anxious, fixated devotion enlarges the pupils. Needs be close. Closer.


Visual silence watermarked with failure.


Sam Smith is editor of The Journal magazine and publisher of Original Plus books. Author of several novels and collections of poetry, he presently lives in Blaengarw, South Wales.