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Bindweed Issue 8 is now available in print

Despite personal setbacks in 2018, Joseph Robert and I have managed to get Bindweed Magazine Issue 8 into print almost a year after the online publication schedule finished in April last year.


It’s finally here. Hurray!
The past year has been a whirlwind of going back to the dayjob after maternity leave, coping with a sick baby, moving house (again!) and a family bereavement on top of all that. The setbacks delayed our publication schedule, but true to the nature of the convolvulus weed itself, Bindweed Magazine has managed to bounce back from the brink…essentially I have kept our little zine going through tough times. So thanks for bearing with me and here we go:


Print copy via Lulu Publishing


There’s a 20% discount with the code TWENTY19 (case sensitive) before February 7th, I believe.


Hope you enjoy it!


Leilanie Stewart 🍃

Samuel Rye – 1 poem

In Two Minds, Faced With One Outcome


Darling, usurper of my council,

Wayward is the incline you wander,

You’re bound to stumble on the arsenal

I stocked when your figure was spotted yonder


Over by the gatepost, with a leg up,

And your hand-me-down flounce hem dress

That stirs men’s diffidence, but leaves corrupt

The want that burrows through his breast.


With your lips that siphon the lifeblood

From their willing hearts wherein

A gathering of staunch beings worship,

Blind with selfsame zeal of the Seraphim.


Still I beg the question must be asked –

To ignore the mind’s overturning rule?

See, I’m starting to think this be mine to fulfil;

Through farces I do play the fool.




Samuel Rye is a 22-year old poet/writer from the North East of England, now residing and studying in the North West.