Happy yuletide! Winter Wonderland is published in Kindle

Happy Yuletide! To celebrate the Midwinter Solstice, Winter Wonderland is published as a Kindle eBook and is free if you subscribe to Kindle Unlimited.

Winter Wonderland is the second of our biannual Bindweed anthologies and features sixty-two writers and poets from all over the world.

Hope you enjoy the anthology and have a happy shortest day of the year!


Cover reveal! Winter Wonderland 2022 Bindweed Anthology

Great news! Our second Bindweed Anthology is now available. Winter Wonderland 2022 features poetry and fiction by over sixty poets and writers from all over the world.

The paperback is available immediately for purchase and the Kindle eBook is available for pre-order and will be published on 21st December.

Here are the links for the paperback:

If you wish to purchase from a different Amazon marketplace, here is the anthology information to search for:


Paperback ISBN: 9798366884150

We hope you enjoy reading the anthology and if you like it, please do leave us a review.


Temporary update – delays due to Covid illness

Unfortunately Covid has finally caught up to both of us here at Bindweed. Due to illness, there will be delays getting the eBook pre-order of Winter Wonderland 2022 finalised; this should have no impact on the scheduled release date of 21st December. We will email contributors when the anthology is ready for pre-order.

If you are waiting for a submission response for Midsummer Madness 2023, please accept our apologies that there will be delays. We’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

We are also closing for submissions temporarily as we are unable to read any further work at present. Check back in on our submissions page for when we will reopen.


Happy Halloween from Bindweed!

Happy Halloween this spooky season! Over here at Bindweed we have been busy getting ready for the launch of our next anthology, Winter Wonderland 2022. The cover reveal will be coming soon on December 1st. We will also announce our Editor’s pick ‘Best of fiction’ and ‘Best of Poetry’ prizes: for convenience and to feel more festive, we will pay our prizewinners by Amazon gift card as a lovely yuletide present.

Thank you for all your submissions. Everyone who sent work before 21st September will have had a response from us by now. Bear in mind that even after we accept a piece, we don’t publish work if the authors don’t respond to our acceptance email as we like to double check that the submission is still available for Bindweed. We ask only first publishing rights; after that your work is free for you to republish wherever you choose, should you wish to!

For any submissions sent after 21st September, we’ll be in touch soon with a decision about Midsummer Madness 2023 – so keep checking your emails.

Check in for more updates soon…


Update on submissions for our Biannual anthologies

Thank you to everyone who has submitted work for consideration in Winter Wonderland 2022. We are continuing to read submissions and will get back to everyone soon. Due to the volume of submissions, we will now carry over any work received after 21st September for consideration in Midsummer Madness 2023 and not in Winter Wonderland 2022.

Stay with us for more announcements soon!