Book shout: 2 poetry collections by Bindweed contributor, Yuan Changming

Congratulations to Bindweed contributor, Yuan Changming, on the publication of his recent poetry collections: (R)e.volution and Limerence.

Yuan has contributed poetry to Bindweed and has been published in Issue 11. You can read his poems, which were published in January 2021.

We wish you all the best with your new books, Yuan!


Yuan Changming – 3 poems

Just Another Crow


Disguised as a pigeon, you’ve just had

Enough food

From my palm

            (& heart); then, you flap high up

Beginning to circle above me, ready

    To flee away only after

Shitting on my head

                                    & heart (again)


Equality in English


To Be [Or Not to Be

                                                                        Whatever or whoever you are]

To have [or not to have]

                                                                        Whoever or whatever you may wish]

To do [or not to do]                                       

                                                                        Anything or nothing you would prefer, &]

To say [or not to say]                                     

                                                                        Nothing or anything you may intend to]

Given these four most common English verbs

                                                                        We are all rendered equal as we cross

Every borderline, filling in every gap

                                                                        In action as in thought [or otherwise]



     If ever at all, if only once

If you were

     To have such a chance

Just keep driving

    Drive forward

With no need to take a shoulder check

Despite so many beside you

Despite so much more ahead & behind

Along this new street, your car

    (Like your body or thought)

Will adapt its shape like a stream

Of water running its own course                            

From past to future, amidst

Programmed sapiens, through

        The flow of data

Until at the meeting point

Between yin & yang

                         Between 0 & 1

Between time & space


Yuan Changming edits Poetry Pacific with Allen Yuan in Vancouver. Credits include  Pushcart nominations, poetry awards as well as publications in Best of the Best Canadian Poetry (2008-17),& BestNewPoemsOnline,among others.