Midsummer Madness 2023 Kindle eBook is available for pre-order

Cover reveal! It’s June, which means the countdown to publication is on for Midsummer Madness 2023: Bindweed Anthology. The Kindle eBook is now available for pre-order. Both the eBook and paperback versions will be published on 21st June 2023. If you subscribe to Kindle Unlimited, you will also be able to read the anthology for free once it is launched. Here are the links to pre-order a copy:

We will post the winners of our Editor’s Pick poetry and fiction prizes very soon, as we will be notifying our winners separately first.


Midsummer Madness 2023 – cover reveal coming soon!

Exciting news! We’re busy formatting the eBook version of the Midsummer Madness 2023: Bindweed Anthology and typesetting the paperback. Thanks again to all the writers and poets who submitted. Everyone who sent work before 30th April will have received a response from us by now, so if you haven’t, please check your junk folder. We only publish contributors who reply to our offer of acceptance email, as we like to double-triple check that writers and poets are really sure they wish to proceed with publication.

The cover will be revealed when the eBook is available for pre-order on 1st June. We’ll also announce the winners of our ‘Editor’s pick’ poetry and fiction prizes. Two poets will receive £5 each and one fiction writer will receive £10. Payment will be by Amazon e-gift card emailed to the winners to be used in their preferred marketplace.

Submissions remain open for our next anthology, Winter Wonderland 2023, which will be published on 21st December.


Midsummer Madness 2023 is now closed for submissions. Anthology updates soon!

Thank you to everyone who has sent poetry, prose, or literary hybrids for consideration in Midsummer Madness 2023. We are delighted at the volume of submissions we have received. We will be in touch with everyone very soon with a response about your work.

Submissions are now closed while we begin to format the Kindle eBook and paperback manuscripts. Any submissions sent after 1st May will be considered for Winter Wonderland 2023, which will be published on 21st December.


Happy World Poetry Day 2023!

Happy World Poetry Day 2023!

We have had a large volume of submissions for our Midsummer Madness 2023 anthology, due for publication on 21st June. Thanks to everyone who has sent work so far.

Submissions are still open until 30th April – after that date, any work received will be considered for Winter Wonderland 2023, scheduled for release on 21st December.

Cover reveal for our next anthology will be coming soon…


Bindweed Editor’s novel wins two Chill with a Book Awards

Congratulations to Bindweed Editor Leilanie Stewart for her recent novel award wins. Leilanie’s third book, The Blue Man, won a Chill with a Book Premier Reader’s Award, followed by joint Book of the Month in February 2023.

The Blue Man is a psychological literary fiction ghost story and is standalone Book 1 of 3 in Stewart’s Belfast Ghosts Series. Book 2: The Fairy Lights is also published and Book 3 is forthcoming later in 2023.

The Blue Man is available from Amazon, Waterstones, Barnes and Noble, Foyles and other online retailers. Links are at Leilanie Stewart’s author website.