About Bindweed Magazine

May the Bindweed grow!

Convolvulus Arvensis, also known as bindweed, is stigmatised as being a nuisance by growing across garden fences and choking off the immaculately pruned flowers. But no one thinks about the beauty of the bindweed, opening their trumpets to the world, shouting to be heard. Is this not the state of publishing today? The neatly manicured, artificially honed flowers, given all the prestige, while the others are left to wilt?

If you are a bindweed flower trying to grow, see our Submission Guidelines and make the world your fence.

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What is Bindweed Magazine all about?

Bindweed aims to publish quality poetry and fiction as a Kindle eBook and as a paperback print issue. As of 2022, we are publishing biannual anthologies, Midsummer Madness and Winter Wonderland. Check out our back catalogue on or Amazon UK for an idea of what we publish.


Who runs Bindweed Magazine?

Editor in Chief: Leilanie Stewart

Editor: Joseph Robert


Does Bindweed pay contributors?

Bindweed is a not-for-profit labour of love endeavour run by two writers. We don’t give out free contributor copies of our anthologies as we would encourage readers to support Bindweed by buying our issues; with the money from sales, we run an ‘Editor’s pick’ for each anthology: one £10.00 prize for best fiction and two £5.00 prizes for best poetry in each anthology. Winners will be notified at the time of pre-order for that issue and results announced on the Bindweed homepage. We pay our winners by Amazon e-gift card.


Why did Bindweed Magazine come about?

So many small press publications these days, both online and in print, are becoming defunct. Bindweed Magazine wants to be another platform for authors to showcase their work. The main reason we run Bindweed is to give writers and poets a place where they can promote their work and add another publication to their writing C.V./resume.


Where is Bindweed Magazine based?

It doesn’t really matter, since we have a worldwide audience, but if you really must know, Bindweed is currently based in Belfast, Northern Ireland. However, we publish quality writing from authors all over the world. So stop by, say hi, and send us your work!


If you want to know more about the ‘why’ of Bindweed, read our interviews:

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Thanks Scott! I’m definitely excited to be reading through so many quality submissions so far 🌺


I knew Darrell Coggins back in the 1970’s. I taught him on classical guitar. I would like to re-acquaint with him again. Can you help? My name is Jac Dittmar. 0403 291 457.


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