Book Shouts: publications by past contributors

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If you are a past contributor to Bindweed Magazine or any of our anthologies, and you have a new or forthcoming book, feel free to avail of our free promotion on the Bindweed homepage. Send us the following info for a book shout:

  1. The title of your book and your author name
  2. Links where readers can buy your book
  3. Attach a jpg/png of your book’s cover (optional)

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Books by Bindweed editors

Poetry and fiction promotion – Brexit Brokeshit by Joseph Robert

Novel promotion – The Blue Man by Leilanie Stewart

Novel promotion – The Buddha’s Bone by Leilanie Stewart

Novel promotion – The Fairy Lights by Leilanie Stewart

Poetry and fiction promotion – Mastered Thesis by Joseph Robert

Poetry promotion – The Redundancy of Tautology by Leilanie Stewart


Books by contributors A-Z by title:

Poetry promotion – After the Lynching by Don Narkevic

Poetry promotion – At Work, Love Poems for Michael and The Muse in Miniature by Joan McNerney

Poetry promotion – The Anatomical Intimacy of the Heart by Stephen Mead

Fiction promotion – Assemblage by Evan Hay

Poetry promotion – Ball on the Mound by R. Gerry Fabian

Poetry promotion – Bleb and Hesitancies by Sanjeev Sethi

Poetry promotion – Deer Love and other collections by Catherine Arra

Poetry promotion – Edge of the Echo by KB Ballantine

Poetry promotion – Escape Envy by Ace Boggess

Poetry promotion – Etching the Ghost by Cathleen Cohen

Poetry promotion – Fivestones by Julie Sampson

Poetry promotion – Flames and Fire by KJ Hannah Greenberg

Poetry promotion – Fragments of You and Ocean Currents by Hannah Rousselot

Poetry promotion – The Gloucester Fragments and The Man Who Loved Typewriters by Neil Leadbeater

Poetry promotion – Havoc & Solace: Poems from the Inland West by Carol Deering

Fiction promotion – Hym and Hur by Phillip Frey

Poetry promotion – I no longer hear you sing by Ann Christine Tabaka

Poetry promotion – In her terms by Toti O’Brien

Poetry promotion – Lessons from Lingering Houses and Stone the Monsters, or Dance by Ken Poyner

Poetry promotion – Like the O in Hope by Jeanne Julian

Poetry promotion – Lilac and Sawdust and Sore Points by Kenneth Pobo

Poetry promotion – Mortal Coil by Charles Rammelkamp

Poetry promotion – Our Past Leaves by James Croal Jackson

Fiction promotion – The Picobe Dilemma by Steve Legomsky

Fiction promotion – Resilience by James Bates

Poetry promotion – (R)e.volution and Limerence by Yuan Changming

Poetry promotion – Rudiments by KJ Hannah Greenberg

Poetry promotion – Sappho’s Moon by Geoffrey Heptonstall

Poetry promotion – Silence and Chopin by Dorota Szumilas

Poetry promotion – Sister Sorrow by Rachel Landrum Crumble

Fiction promotion – Sister Liberty by Gregory Hill

Fiction promotion – Six Degrees by Rae Stoltenkamp

Poetry promotion – Songs of Exile and Letters to My Father by Banoo Zan

Poetry promotion – Sparks and Disperses by Cathleen Cohen

Poetry promotion – Stranger by David Punter

Fiction promotion – The Jackalope Committee and Other Tales by LB Sedlacek

Poetry promotion – The Starry Devil by Angelo Letizia

Novel promotion – The White Field by Douglas Cole

Poetry promotion – Thousand by Glenn Ingersoll

Poetry promotion –  Tikkun Alef-Bet: Jewish Poems of Love, Loss, Hope, and Holiness & Click Boom: Jewish Stories of Farce 

Fiction promotion – Ursa Rising by Sheila Englehart

Fiction promotion – 10 Unpublishable Fictions by E.F. Hay and friends