Submission Guidelines

Winter Wonderland 2023

We are now open for submissions for Wonderland 2023: Bindweed Anthology. The anthology will be released as a Kindle eBook and in paperback on 21st December 2023.

We’re looking for poetry, fiction or other unpublished literary hybrids that are experimental, offbeat and one of a kind. We ask for one time publishing rights for inclusion in our Kindle eBook and paperback print anthology; after this all rights revert back to the author/poet.

*Bear in mind that if you use an unusual format, it may not appear as intended in the Kindle eBook version, however, we strive to publish all work in the intended layout in the paperback version.*

We are open for submissions all year, although any work received after 30th October 2023 will be considered towards the next anthology.

All submissions accepted for Winter Wonderland 2023 will have free entry into our Editor’s pick prizes: one £10.00 winner for best fiction and two £5.00 winners for best poetry. We will notify winners individually and announce results on the Bindweed homepage. Each winner will receive an Amazon e-gift card.

Read on for our submission guidelines.

Bindweed has no theme and any style is welcome. We’re looking for poetry, fiction or other unpublished literary hybrids that are experimental, offbeat and one of a kind. Submit 6 poems or stories of up to 3000 words. See below for full guidelines.

1 🍃 NO ATTACHMENTS PLEASE. After an encounter with a nasty virus, we won’t take the risk – please copy and paste into the body of an email.

2 🍃 COMPLETED WORKS ONLY PLEASE. The editors will not look at any revisions once an offer for publication has been made. We will amend typos before publication.

3 🍃No simultaneous submissions, sorry! It wastes our time if we read work and find out that it was published elsewhere, but the author didn’t inform us. We won’t consider future work from authors who don’t follow this important guideline.

4 🍃 If you’re publishing under a pen name, please mark this clearly if it’s a different name than your email address. We won’t make changes once the issue is published.

5 🍃 If you wish to, you can include a THIRD PERSON BIO and links to your blog/ website/ social media. If no bio is provided, we’ll simply use your name under your work upon publication.

6 🍃 All work submitted to Bindweed must be unpublished. This includes on personal blogs/Twitter accounts/Facebook, etc. Work published in Bindweed Magazine will appear in the Kindle ebook published in June/December of that year.

7 🍃 If you have used irregular line spacing, tabs or centre justification, your work will appear as sent to us in the body of the email. Please be aware of this.

8 🍃 If you wish to withdraw work, please inform us no later than one calendar month before publication (May 21st/ November 21st) in order to give us time to re-format the magazine. Later than this and your work will stay in the scheduled publication as otherwise agreed.

9 🍃 Please query after 4 weeks/ 1 month if you haven’t had a response. We respond to every email, so if you don’t hear from us please check with us incase your email got lost.

🌺 POETRY: 6 poems in the body of the email. Maximum length 50 lines per poem. Any style welcome.

🌺 PROSE: Fiction of up to 3000 words copied into the body of the email. Any theme fine.

Send work to:

Acceptance means that Bindweed Magazine has first electronic publication rights. Upon publication, all rights revert immediately to the author. If you republish later, please consider citing Bindweed Magazine as your first bloom 🌺.

We look forward to reading your work!

Leilanie and Joseph