Bindweed Anthology: Winter Wonderland

Submissions are now open for our fourth Bindweed Anthology, Winter Wonderland 2023, scheduled for publication on 21st December 2023. See our submission guidelines for what we’re looking for.

Winter Wonderland 2022 is our second Bindweed Anthology.

Publication date: 21st December 2022

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Winter Wonderland 2022: Bindweed Anthology contains poetry and fiction by – Jeff Gallagher, Robert Cooperman, Tim Suermondt, Jeanne Julian, Sam Smith, Patrick T. Reardon, Adam Day, Helga Kidder, Don Narkevic, Charles Rammelkamp, Vern Fein, Kenneth Pobo, LB Sedlacek, Marty McKenna, Louise Wilford, Mike Lewis-Beck, John Dorroh, Larry Blazek, Douglas Cole, Dan Raphael, Maria DePaul, Brian Young, Anthony Ward, Frank De Canio, Kathy Craig, Gary Beck, Edward Lee, Donna Dallas, Pui Ying Wong, Simon Robson, Patricia L. Hamilton, Ian Ledward, Mary Anne Abdo, Julie Sampson, A.J. Huffman, Petro C.K., Robert Beveridge, Allan Lake, Joan McNerney, Angelo Letizia, John Riley, R. Gerry Fabian, Linda M. Crate, Gabriella Garofalo, Livio Farallo, DS Maolalai, John Grey, Mark Blaeuer, Olivier Cousin, Rinat Harel, James Babbs, Ron Hardwick, Padma Prasad, Jim Bates, Amy Finlay, Glen Donaldson, Andrew Miller, Luke Beling, Bruce McDougall, DJ Tyrer, Fay L. Loomis and KJ Hannah Greenberg.